Hole Punching

 The most common and cost effective way of punching holes in sheet metal or channel parts is with unitized tooling. Multicyl offers both short and long stroke cylinders which are designed for the hole punching application as well as standard cages which are designed to accept all the standard models of unitized tooling used commonly throughout industry.

Combining unitized tooling with standard Multicyls and cages is one of the most cost efficient and versatile methods of creating a hole punching station available on the market, and is currently being used by our customers in a large variety of industries including automotive, appliance, aircraft, furniture, HVAC, vending machines, and many others.

What benefits does Multicyl offer over traditional methods of hole punching?

Its benchmount design, compact size, light weight, and ease of operation (all you need is shop air!) allow the system to be set up anywhere in the plant and moved as needed. Request a quote by clicking here.