Buying and implementing a press can often be a time consuming and intensive process. With the Multicyl Press-In-A-Box™ approach to press building this is not the case. From the research stage right through to the implementation of your Multicyl press and first production run, the process is quick and simple.

A Multicyl Press-In-A-Box™ system consists of 4 simple components; the Multicyl, the cage, the air controls, and the tooling. Detailed information on all our standard components is available on our PRODUCTS page, and our interactive Systematic™ Press Selection Tool page walks you through the process of selecting the components that are right for your application.

Once the components are selected and the order is placed we do the assembly and testing of the components in house and ship ready to go. Once the package arrives at your door there is only a matter of minutes in set-up time required before your production can begin. With our turn-key systems and standard components all you have to do is take the press components out of the box, thread them together, and add air its that simple.

From Box to Press, In 5 Minutes or Less!